Writing a situation analysis in capstone

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Writing a situation analysis in capstone

Our client, the Department of Housing and Community Development of the city of Texarkana, AR, undertakes projects to improve the quality of life for city residents.

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An objective of the Swinging Into Summer project is to get residents to make greater use of neighborhood parks. The program has been going for a few years and usually has six events per season.

The kick-off is in May and the program runs every other Thursday through June, July, and once in August. Although music is a large part of these events, activities for children is also an important component. Administration of the program is part of the department responsibilities, but the annual budget for additional expenses e.

Other funds are occasionally added to this budget, but the kinds of activities that can be undertaken are clearly limited. For-profit concessions share ten percent of profits, but this is a small amount.

Currently, most events draw around people. Our client specifically asked: What do people want? Why would people attend these events? To whom should these events be promoted?

writing a situation analysis in capstone

How should the events be promoted to increase attendance? This report should maintain focus on the marketing environment and should be suitable with minor modifications in its objective as the first part of a larger strategic plan or as the justification in a grant proposal.

If you merely shoot from the hip by offering tactics that are not developed from an assessment that leads to a logical strategy, you will receive a failing grade.

Please take special precautions if you discuss this project with anyone outside of the class. Some information that has been or will be distributed or discussed in class might be confidential.

Rhetorical Situation – Definition of the Term

Equally important, we do not want anyone outside of the class to be misled by our activities. We must be especially careful that anyone outside of our class understands that this is a learning exercise for the class and that the university otherwise has no special association with the project or the client.

Please exercise restraint when expressing personal opinions about project issues outside of our class meetings. Do not make direct contact with our client; all questions and all responses must be funneled through the professor. Since this has caused problems in the past, you will immediately be dropped from the course if you do so.

For a variety of reasons, you are prohibited from conducting primary research excepting some kinds of observational research that would not reveal the nature of our project. You might, for example, stand on a street corner to count customer traffic, but you may not call competitors for an interview and you may not conduct a formal survey.

This latter issue has caused serious enough problems in the past that I will immediately drop you from the course if I have reason to suspect that you have interviewed or surveyed competitors, business leaders, or prospective buyers.

Engaging in these activities could, for example, jeopardize relationships with business school clients, could jeopardize relationships with university donors, or could jeopardize our school's federal funding.

A Research Guide for Students

All reports must have some sort of introduction that explains the nature, focus, and objective of the client and of the report to the reader. The body of all reports must in some way address opportunities and threats in the environment and address the strengths and weaknesses of our client or project.

All reports must also end with some sort of recommendation. That is, the report should lead to some speculation regarding the outlook for our client's project, the direction that should be set, and possibly some suggestions regarding how strategy for this project can be implemented some issues of tactics.

Although some sort of recommendation is required, most of the text of the report will be associated with a scan and assessment of the current environment that logically leads to a recommendation. Note that a report that ends with a negative outlook can be as valuable as a report that ends with a positive outlook, although you are charged with finding a solution if one exists.

This is a real world assignment. The written report will be scored in large part on the professor's perception of the usefulness and acceptability of the report to the real client within the framework that this is to be a situation analysis.

A common problem is that students tend to include irrelevant and inappropriate material in a report to show evidence that some particular concept has been learned in the course. Note that a minimal requirement is that reports be relatively free of problems of grammar, spelling, typing, and such.

Do not fabricate material for the sake of creating a report. Again, remember that this is not a creative writing assignment but is a technical writing assignment.

The exact format of the finished report is of your own choosing. Although a suggested format for a situation analysis is attached for guidance, it is not necessary that this be followed exactly.We will write a custom essay sample on Current Situational Analysis specifically for you.

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writing a situation analysis in capstone

The writing situation encompasses the political, social, psychological, and environmental conditions under which a writer writes and in which a reader reads a document. A writer needs to understand the situational factors affecting a document he is writing to understand fully a writing task as more than a matter of writing to a predetermined format.

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The situation analysis provides the information required to identify the major problems and gaps which constitute the foundation for the planning, implementation, and evaluation phases of the project. Through the situation analysis, the teams will assess the current epidemiological status of cancer.

Since the close of the Vietnam War, the ideas expounded by the Prussian military theorist Carl von Clausewitz () have come—very often in twisted, garbled, or mutated form—to thoroughly permeate American military writing (doctrinal, theoretical, and historical).His book On War (published posthumously in Prussia as Vom Kriege in .

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