Market segment analysis to target young

Market Segmentation by Jerry W.

Market segment analysis to target young

She has no issue wearing a show-piece that starts a conversation. Ideally, she becomes a cheerleader for our designs that promotes sales by word-of-mouth. Goodman Pet Photography The ideal customer for Goodman Pet Photography is years old, male or female who owns a pet.

More specifically, who owns a pet and treats them like family. The ideal client lives in the Bay Area and spends a significant amount of money on their pet yearly. The pet is an extension to their family and one that they adore.

Market segment analysis to target young

These people want professional photographs of their pets. However, studio portraits for their pets do not allow for a picture that really captures the expressions of their dog, cat, horse or other animal.

He or she knows the difference between store-bought or street vendor baked goods, which make no promises about organic quality, and those that do. The customer knows that organic food tastes as good as, or better, than conventionally grown good, and believes that there does not need to be any difference between eating what is good for the environment and eating what is healthy.

This ideal customer would look for organic labels in grocery stores and be more inclined to buy from socially conscious brands elsewhere.

Segmentation Bases Examples

They are familiar buying online and using online tutorials for educational purposes. Our ideal customer is between the ages of 22 — Their educational level is at least some college for those over the age of Our target has an artistic spirit, and music is a big part of their lives.

It is a young couple expecting a new child. They have left a rental apartment in another town and need more space for their family as well as the security which home ownership provides.

They are aware of their basic insurance needs, although they do not know all of the ins and outs of insurance types and options available. They want the assurance of someone with a track record of client satisfaction and transparency about how he is compensated so that they can rule out any biases or conflicts of interest.

Market segment analysis to target young

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INTRODUCTION. The american marketing association: defines market research as: "The systematic gathering, recording, and analysis of data about problems relating to the marketing of goods and services". Consumer analysis is an important part of this marketing research..

Without marketing research, it is quite impossible today to start any business. There are three ways to classify what the customer wants. It is known as needs, wants and iridis-photo-restoration.comr, to decide the needs, wants and demands, you need to carry out segmentation in segmentation, the first step is to determine which type of customer will prefer your products.

TARGET MARKET The business will target both local and international clients. The business shall however focus/ direct its marketing initiatives on corporate clients as well as clients from various Government departments as they are a reliable and profitable market segment for the services to be rendered by the expanded Bed & Breakfast.

May 24,  · How to Segment a Market. The best way to go out of business is to attempt to be all things to all people. Not everyone can or will be your customer, but on a planet of more than 6 billion people, there should still be enough market for you to survive in, if not thrive.

A Step-by-step Guide to Segmenting a Market