How the media sympathizes with terrorism

Treason is certainly in the cards, and an extended stay in one of our nice jails. Now, about the secret clearance procedures…. Richard Mellick If convicted of treason, he needs to be transferred to a muzzlim country that still has the death penalty.

How the media sympathizes with terrorism

Ye enjoin right conduct and forbid indecency; and ye believe in Allah. And if the People of the Scripture had believed, it had been better for them.

Some of them are believers; but most of them are evil-doers. They will not harm you save a trifling hurt, and if they fight against you they will turn and flee.

And afterward they will not be helped. Ignominy shall be their portion wheresoever they are found save [where they grasp] a rope from Allah and a rope from man.

They have incurred anger from their Lord, and wretchedness is laid upon them. That is because they used to disbelieve the revelations of Allah, and slew the Prophets wrongfully.

That is because they were rebellious and used to transgress.

How the media sympathizes with terrorism

Surat Al-Imran IIIverses Israel will rise and will remain erect until Islam eliminates it as it had eliminated its predecessors.

The Islamic World is burning. It is incumbent upon each one of us to pour some water, little as it may be, with a view of extinguishing as much of the fire as he can, without awaiting action by the others.

We pray and bid peace upon the Messenger of Allah, his family, his companions, his followers and those who spread his message and followed his tradition; they will last as long as there exist Heaven and Earth.

Major works and their characteristics

In the midst of misadventure, from the depth of suffering, from the believing hearts and purified arms; aware of our duty and in response to the decree of Allah, we direct our call, we rally together and join each other.

We educate in the path of Allah and we make our firm determination prevail so as to take its proper role in life, to overcome all difficulties and to cross all hurdles. Hence our permanent state of preparedness and our readiness to sacrifice our souls and dearest [possessions] in the path of Allah.

Thus, our nucleus has formed which chartered its way in the tempestuous ocean of creeds and hopes, desires and wishes, dangers and difficulties, setbacks and challenges, both internal and external.

When the thought matured, the seed grew and the plant took root in the land of reality, detached from temporary emotion and unwelcome haste, the Islamic Resistance Movement erupted in order to play its role in the path of its Lord.

In so doing, it joined its hands with those of all Jihad fighters for the purpose of liberating Palestine. The souls of its Jihad fighters will encounter those of all Jihad fighters who have sacrificed their lives in the land of Palestine since it was conquered by the Companion of the Prophet, be Allah's prayer and peace upon him, and until this very day.

This is the Charter of the Islamic Resistance Hamas which will reveal its face, unveil its identity, state its position, clarify its purpose, discuss its hopes, call for support to its cause and reinforcement, and for joining its ranks. For our struggle against the Jews is extremely wide-ranging and grave, so much so that it will need all the loyal efforts we can wield, to be followed by further steps and reinforced by successive battalions from the multifarious Arab and Islamic world, until the enemies are defeated and Allah's victory prevails.The Eight O'Clock Ferry to the Windward Side: Seeking Justice In Guantanamo Bay [Clive Stafford Smith] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

At a July 17, press conference held jointly with Prime Minister Tony Blair, President George W. Bush described the prisoners held in Guantanamo: The only thing I know for certain is that these are bad people.

Turkey came to the aid of HTS! They have to be careful, because Hatay is a target too.

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They are getting into the Lions den, only for the Tigers to finish them off! The NAACP vs the Tea Party Movement NAACP Declines To Condemn Left-Wing Racist Attacks On Justice NAACP is quick to play the race card when it means defending a left-wing agenda.

T rumpumpkinfeuher at it again, on "alternate facts" this time. Press is going berserk. They STILL dont get it. As far as a lot of the country is concerned, media has been presenting alternate facts for years.

What people actually mean when they label an attack "terrorism." radical Islam" are labeled as terrorism by politicians and the media — while one sympathizes with or opposes the person.

In the US since 9/11, terrorist attacks by anti-government, racist, and other nonjihadist extremists have killed nearly twice as many people as those by jihadist extremists. Graphic: NY Times There have been times when the mainstream media rightfully characterizes a white murderer as a person who did something terrible, showing .

How the media sympathizes with terrorism
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