An introduction to the issue of drowning among children

The family was preparing for Christmas when Scott and Amanda realized Ruby was missing. Unknown to them, children sink when they drown and Ruby was actually at the bottom of the pool.

An introduction to the issue of drowning among children

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This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Abstract Drowning is an important cause of mortality among children in rural Bangladesh. Children aged 1—4 year s are at a high risk of death from drowning.

Although deaths of children due to drowning in Bangladesh are acknowledged as an important cause of death, little effort has been made to address the issue of preventing deaths from this cause.

This study has attempted to describe the problem and suggests possible prevention strategies, which may contribute to reducing childhood mortality from drowning.

Economic Cost of Childhood Unintentional Injuries

During the study period from todeaths from drowning were reported, of which During —, death rate per 1, children due to all causes among children of 1—4-year age-group decreased appreciably from Analysis of seasonal variation revealed that most deaths due to drowning occurred during April-October, i.

The paper recommends some interventions to reduce the number of deaths due to drowning in rural Bangladesh, which include: Unintentional injuries, including drowning, continue to be one of the leading causes of childhood mortality among children.

Results of studies in different countries have shown that drowning is one of the leading causes of mortality among children 3 - 6. Data from different countries indicate that children aged 0—4 year s are at an increased risk of drowning 47 — Although in developed countries, some data regarding drowning-related deaths do exist, they are under-reported 15and data on drowning-related deaths are scarce in many less-developed and poorer countries.

The rate of child mortality in Bangladesh is still high compared to other countries in Asia In Bangladesh, it has declined from 20 per 1, persons in to nearly 8 per 1, persons in This has been attributed to various intervention programmes and other preventive measures undertaken at the national level against infectious diseases and malnutrition.

However, deaths from environmental hazards, including drowning, have not been adequately studied and addressed in Bangladesh 17 - In developed countries, children of 1 to 4-year age-group are most likely to drown in swimming pools, particularly in residential areas 21 - Although there are a few articles on drowning-related deaths in the middle- and low-income countries, results of these studies showed that many cases of drowning took place in buckets 1530tubs, ponds, and unprotected wells 5.

A study in Bangladesh explored the epidemiological profile of deaths of children due to drowning, community experience about near-drowning, and community perceptions regarding potential interventions against drowning.

The study included the findings of two empirical datasets:Aug 30,  · Unintentional injuries among young people are one of the top public health issues and they are associated with a large amount of premature morbidity and mortality.

The economic cost of UI is enormous and it imposes a large economic burden on societies, .

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1, . The Global report on drowning is the first World Health Organization among children and adolescents.

An introduction to the issue of drowning among children

While drowning is a leading cause of death worldwide, particularly Drowning is a multisectoral issue. Drowning prevention strategies have much in common.

Drowning is an important child health issue both nationally and internationally. Children still account for the highest rates of drowning, the most common age group being children aged years.

The Global report on drowning is the first World Health Organization among children and adolescents. While drowning is a leading cause of death worldwide, particularly in low- and middle-income countries, prevention is possible.

for the issue of drowning prevention. GLOBAL REPORT ON DROWNING. Among wealthier communities in South Africa, swimming pools and the sea are the major sites of drowning, while for poorer communities the majority of drowning among children occurs in rural areas, typically in rivers, lakes and dams.

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